2014-Five Boro Bike Trip

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Loading bikes before heading out

Got the fourth one on

Mary biking around Pittsburgh on our first night

Me with Mr. Rogers

Bikes all snug in the hotel in Pittsburgh

Mr. Rogers in Pittsburgh

Our room number in Pittsburgh. I took the picture as a sign that the trip would be a good one.

Bikes reloaded in Pittsburgh for the trip to New York.

Julie arrived and we went to see Matilda.

Neat sculpture in the garment district

Julie hamming it up.

Me using Shadla's bike as a clothes hanger. The room was a bit crowded with four bikes in it.

Shadla (by the Brooklyn Bridge) preparing for her first bike ride in Manhattan.

The fashion show at the Bike Expo

Shadla, Julie and Mary checking out the fashion show.

Waiting for our bikes from the bike valet.

Our bikes (and my finger) in Manhattan.

We ate at this diner twice.

Highline park

Places to sit in the Highline park.

An actual record player playing music at a stationer's shop we stopped at. I bought a map there.

Trying to wake Julie up for the tour. She was not nearly as excited as me.

My bike ready for the tour.

Heading to the starting area.

Shadla stylishly prepared for the tour.

Checking out the route.

It was a bit chilly waiting for the ride to start.

Julie representing TF North and Cal City!

Lots of riders in our starting group.

Team Killer Kale outside our hotel.