2014 Cape Cod and Boston

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Bikes securely attached

Somewhere in Pennsylvania. Note the snow.

I stayed on this side of the lot.

Julie being Julie.

Quick ride before putting the bike back on the rack.

Giving Julie's bike a quick test ride.

Finally made it to Massachusetts

This is the trail we came to Cape Cod to ride.

Made it out 9 miles before Julie couldn't take the seat on her bike anymore.

Resting up before biking the 9 miles back to the car.

We took a lot of pictures here.

My selfie with my camera perched on our water bottles.

It shot a bunch.

Worked just fine.

Go me! FYI, it was somewhat cold.

Her butt is not quite ready to get back on that bike.

Off-season, so we pretty much had the trail to ourselves.

I'd guess this is much busier in the summer.

Taking a rest

One of the lakes that the trail goes by.

As the sun was going down, it was getting colder.


Let's go. We still have a few more miles to ride.

Last shot