2015 New York City Vacation

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Erie PA, which is much prettier than "Dreary Erie, the Mistake on the Lake" rhyme makes it sound like

Biking around the outside of Manhattan from my first hotel to my second

Statue of Liberty in the distance

Nice park along the great bike path that goes around Manhattan

Had beautiful weather my entire trip

Hanging in this little park space waiting for my hotel. This is the South Seaport area which I really like.

Biking along the east side of Manhattan. This was very close to my hotel.

This is the balcony in my hotel. You couldn't see the sky nor the ground.

Start of the Five Boro Bike Tour

Boro #1: Manhattan

Had nice spacing here

Boro #2: Bronx Only in the Bronx for a very short time

Boro #3 Queens

The Astoria Park water stop in Queens

It's hard to grasp the chaos of this

Boro #4 Brooklyn

Brooklyn water stop

Boro #5: Staten Island at the end of the ride

Line waiting to get on the ferry. If you ever do this ride, skip the end festival and go directly to the ferry to minimize your wait time.

Total time and distance for the ride.

Trying to get a good shot of the Statue of Liberty from the ferry

The ferry ride was actually enjoyable

In the distance, the Verrazano Narrows bridge which you ride over to get to Staten Island.

I'm literally sitting under the Brooklyn Bridge

And reading a book. Was a really nice way to spend a morning.

Continuing my vacation of biking and reading. Here I'm in Prospect Park in Brooklyn