Friday night I went to a play at Victory Gardens, called “A Park in Our House”, I think. It was ok. About a family in Cuba in the 60s, I’d guess. I enjoyed it and Janet’s friend Becca and I were saying that we liked this one better than the last one we saw. And it’s true in that this one was easier to follow. Funny thing is, I think about the first one “The Defiant Muse”, more. Though I’m pretty sure that this is because I’m still trying to understand it completely. It was about a writer whose main character seemed to come to life for her. So, it jumped back and forth between real-life and life with her character. It was pretty interesting how they did it, but since there were only so many actors, I wasn’t really sure if it was real-life or a scene from her book. Oh well, either way, it’s great to see live theater.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went down and test drove a car (Pontiac Vibe) with Julie. What was funny was that I think we had the dumbest salesman ever try to help us. Once he finally found a manual transmission car, Julie asked if she could get one with power windows and doors. Randall (our salesman, who had no last name, even on his business card!) said that he didn’t think you could get power windows or locks on a manual transmission car. Really?!? Then I asked about putting the front seat flat because I read about it on the Pontiac website. Randall didn’t think that the seat would go flat. After some messing about, we did get it to go down. After the test drive, Randall couldn’t get out of the car because the child-safety locks were on. (Nothing he did there, it was just pretty darn funny.) Finally, we went inside and he left us to ask about something. After waiting for around five minutes, Julie told some other salesman that we were leaving and we walked out. Randall comes running out with another salesman telling us that he was searching for a manual car with power windows. And the other salesman tells us that Randall will call us with any results he finds. We say ok and drive off, knowing full well that Julie never gave Randall her phone number. As we were standing waiting around, she thought about it and decided that she didn’t really like the car. So, there was no point in sticking around. Our second testdrive, at the Jeep dealer was exactly the opposite. A nice, knowledgable salesman with an actual last name.

Today, I planned on working on my bathroom all day, thinking I was going to get a lot accomplished. Well, I gave up trying to hang the durock on the wall. I was doing it wrong and ended up putting a hole in the durock while trying to screw it to the wall. So I took down the one piece I did and decided to try to do the heating duct instead. I cut a hole in the current duct and cut out the floor where it’s going to run. But I bought a 12″ wide duct and there wasn’t really room for that. So I drove back to Menard’s to return what I bought last night and then to Home Depot to buy a 10″ duct, since Menard’s didn’t have them. I’m still missing a connector, what I would call a round 6″ male to male piece, but I couldn’t find it at any of the FIVE stores I went to today. So, I did a little creative bending and got what I had together. I think it’ll all work, but I don’t know how to connect the rectangular pieces together. Again, I think I’m missing a piece, this time it would be a 10″x4 male to male connector. I’ll go to the store again to see if I can find something that’ll do the job.

Basically, I got nothing done this weekend.