Today my dsl from Speakeasy was updated. The installation went ok. The guy from Covad was terriffic. He really knew his stuff and got everything set up properly, though it took a bit of time. The Speakeasy group, on the other hand, disappointed me.

Since I had already had Speakeasy service, I simply wanted to upgrade to their package that didn’t require a phone line. Then, since I wasn’t paying for the phone line, I upped to the next faster package. (Does it seem faster, the upload speeds were the only thing I really upped.) I asked them, before agreeing to anything about keeping my current ip address and getting two new ones, which is what their newer package offered. I was assured that I could keep my ip addresses and get two more, no problem. Unfortunately, after placing the order, I learned that I had to ask the installers to transfer my ip address. I sent a message on my order that I wanted my ip addresses changed. Well, after we got the new line setup, I couldn’t get online. The Covad guy gave me the ip address he had which was different from what I used to have. After some messing around, everything worked ok with the new ip address.

I then placed a support call with Speakeasy about the new ip address and asking what the other three ip addresses were. I was told that I only got one ip address with this package, but that the salesman had given me two more free ones. I brought up my old support call with everything the salesman said and was given another “free” ip address (since I told them that if I didn’t, I wanted to get my old service back), but none of them were my old ip addresses. And it didn’t look like I was going to be able to get the old ip addresses because they were “on a different circuit”.

I had to spend some time with to update to the new ip address. It was a bit frustrating since the website was down for a few hours until this was all straightened out. I know I don’t run a commercial site or anything, but it was really frustrating that Speakeasy didn’t deliver as promised.

Hopefully after all this, the website will run a bit quicker.