I decided to not work on Labor Day, thus turning it into No-Labor Day and to go for a long bike ride instead. I have just finished my 57-mile ride and am probably not going to move for the rest of the evening. Here is the info from my route.

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The first leg was from my house to my Mom’s house, which took me about an hour and a half to go 20 miles. Then rode a mile or two to meet my nephew and take him back to my Mom’s place. The next leg was from Cal City to Homewood (Thanks for lunch!), which was a lot shorter than I thought it would have been. It was about 10 miles and I did it in about 50 minutes. The last leg was from Homewood to my house and it was the most difficult. One because I was tired, two because I was riding into the wind and three my route was on roads that weren’t in the best shape. This last leg was basically like the first one, 20 miles that took me an hour and a half.