I’ve been doing really good this summer with biking. The 30daysofbiking in April started things off well and my trips have been tons of fun. Unfortunately, Bike the Drive at the end of the month is my last planned ride I have. I am old enough to know that if I don’t plan things, they aren’t going to happen. So here is a list of rides I’d like to do this summer. They’re just about all in the midwest, so I should have no problem getting to them.

[Indiana Dunes](http://www.indianadunes.com/beyond-the-beach/bicycling/calumet-bike-trail-1/) – 9 mile gravel trail

– 30 August 2014, was submerged in places and not a very nice trail. Will not revisit.
Dayton OH, home of Wright Cycle Company Building – Dayton looks to be a nice place to ride
Iowa High Trestle Trail – 25-mile trail
Wisconsin, Elroy Sparta State Bike Trail – 32 miles (requires a Wisconsin State Trail pass)
Iowa, Trout Run Trail – 11-mile trail
Michigan Kal-Haven Bike Trail – 34 miles gravel and blacktop
Indiana Pumpkinvine Nature Trail – 25-mile trail
Missouri Katy Trail – Runs from St. Louis to Kansas City
Illinois Prairie Path – 61 miles
Indiana Monon Rail Trail – 8-mile trail
South Dakota Mickelson Trail – 114 miles (A tad further than I’d probably go for a weekend)
Ohio Little Miami Bike Trail – 80 miles

I probably won’t get to all of these this summer, but I’ll try to do, at least one of them each month.