I need to get my kitchen finished because I want to move on to some other things. Over the past couple of days I’ve been:

looking into volunteer opportunities
thinking of how to design a letterpress system
investigating woodworking classes so I can build a dining room table
buying a collection of sample paper to learn about different weights, colors, types
pricing table saws
looking into joining TechShop in Detroit, even though it’s five hours away
thinking of some new quilt designs
looking into vacation ideas
thinking of moving this blog from wordpress to octopress

If I’m lucky, the countertop comes tomorrow. If not, it won’t be until next week. I’m fine with either one, but am definitely starting to plan my next project. Once it’s installed, I have to finish the plumbing, which will take some time. And then finish the trim around the windows and parts of the floor. Not complicated work, but finishing work is usually not my strong suit. This is probably going to take all the patience that I have, so I’m apologizing in advance to anyone I snap at in the next few days.