I thought I should try to fix the holes in the one board I made the other day. My idea was to mix up a bunch of glue and sawdust. Then try to fill and cover all the holes with this mixture. Here’s how the board looked after I filled them all in. I wasn’t too careful about making it smooth because I knew that I’d have to run it through the planer again to smooth it.



I think this will work. It’s not going to be perfect, but I could probably use this board for the bottom. Here’s how it looked after coming out of the planer. The board on the bottom is the repaired one.


More importantly, after planing it, I thought I’d put two of my boards together to make an approximately 10″ wide board. I’ve just discovered that the boards aren’t near to being square. So gluing them together is going to be impossible. This also got me thinking that I’m going to have to glue up the entire size board that I want to use at one time. I’m going to have to set up some type of template to clamp these very wide boards together. And running the big boards through the planer isn’t going to be an option. So I’ll have to use the belt sander to get them smooth. Hmmm. I see I still have a few more things to think about.

And just to document how much wood I have to recycle. Here are two pictures of the room where I’m storing most of my old wood.