About a week and a half ago, I pulled a muscle in my back. I don’t know exactly what I did, but I do remember that I was putting on a sock. I don’t remember doing anything odd, but I do remember the sharp pain. I thought it might be something bad, but I proceeded through the day as usual. I had this same injury (though much worse) about 15 years ago, if not more. At that point, it hurt so badly that I had a hard time standing up. Now, I’m pretty much ok if I keep my back bent a little, but it hurts quite a bit when trying to straighten it. This leads to the odd situation where riding my bike feels really good, but going for a walk can be painful.

Based on my previous experience, I know that this just takes time to heal. I don’t believe I did any structural damage because it was no big deal when it happened. I’m not going to the doctor (yet) because when I went last time, I basically remember that I was told it just takes time…maybe two to six weeks.

Now I’m just trying to be patient. Normally I am a pretty patient person, but when I’m in pain that sort of goes out the window. I have been doing stretching exercises regularly because I know that’s a good thing. Lying in bed all day is not. And I keep repeating “patience, patience, patience” to myself. I haven’t gone to work the past two days simply because it’s more comfortable working while lying on the floor. And, quite frankly, it’s awkward lying on the floor in my office as it’s not totally private.

Why am I writing this? No idea. Maybe it’s just to warn people who think I’m being more of a bitch than usual that the pain is part of the problem. Maybe to empathize with people who have chronic pain. I know this will pass (patience, patience, patience). Or maybe just to pass the time. Who knows?

Ah, now I remember. In the event this ever happens again, I want to remember what helped and did not. First, don’t use a heating pad, use ice. It feels better. Avoid Ben Gay or anything like that at all costs. Get out the exercise ball and roll around on it as much as possible, both on your stomach and if you can, on your back. Don’t think getting drunk will help you to relax. You’ll still be in pain and have the added benefit of being nauseous as well. Try not to sit or lay in one position for long periods of time. It’s uncomfortable, but try to change positions every 20-30 minutes. Stretch a lot as soon as you get up.