My last car repair class at the park was a couple of weeks ago. While I sometimes dreaded getting in the car to drive over when it was already dark out, I enjoyed every single class. And I learned something in every single class. It was easily the best $60 I’ve spent in a long time.

The most important lesson that I learned though, is that I’m really not that interested in working on cars. When I started the class, I was thinking it would be fun to buy an old pickup truck and fix it up. But after learning a little more about cars, I’m not so interested in doing that anymore. I don’t see me doing much with cars. I have one and I could see me changing the oil. Learning how to do that using an evacuator through the dipstick hole will save me enough on oil changes to easily cover the cost of the class. I think I could also change a spark plug. And I know where to look if I need to fix something more complicated.

I’m thrilled that I learned a bit about cars, but even happier that I learned that this is not something that I’m going to look into more. Since I tend to be interested in just about everything, that is a wonderful change.