February 25, 2016 was the 10th anniversary of my blog. Technically, it’s the 10th anniversary of my using wordpress on the blog. I believe I registered coldandheartless in 2000, when my nephew was born, though I’m not entirely sure. But since I have pictures from when he was born posted, I’m pretty sure. And I have some pictures in directories named 2003. Yay for me in naming the directories correctly. So I know I had the website before 2006. But moving to wordpress looks to have happened in 2006. So let’s celebrate that.

My first blog post tells what I thought the blog would be about, which was my house. That’s still basically true as, ten years later, I am still working on my house. But it has also evolved to be a place for me to put notes on anything that I want to remember. This could be my new year’s resolutions or how to write a bit of code. You could sort of say that it’s my own personal google. And something that does cause me to chuckle is when I google something and it gives me a result on my own website.

So a belated happy anniversary to the blog part of coldandheartless. I’m happy that it’s still around and still a bit bummed that I lost a bunch of posts between 2008 and 2010. (Lesson learned, don’t run the server at your house. It’s worth it to pay a cloud provider. FYI, I use linode.) Here’s to 10 more years of me learning new stuff and documenting it here.