May was a good month. I biked on 25 days and drove on 16. Four of the driving days included a trip to Nashville, which was fun. I did the Tour de Nash, which was my introduction to NashVegas Nashville. Also had my longest ride, when I did 40 miles on Bike the Drive, including the ride to the drive. I biked 312 miles for the month, which made it a very good month. As for driving, my odometer reads 37599, which means I drove my car for 621 miles in the month. But I took my Mom’s car to Nashville, so I have to add the 1068 miles for that trip. So my total in the car was 1689. That’s quite a lot, but it was worth it for the trip.

Finances were ok. I did spend a bit more on some things. I bought a little handheld router that I like a lot, but didn’t really need. I also happened to crack three teeth, which led to a dentist bill of over $1000. Hopefully, I’ll get some of that back from insurance, but I know it won’t be much. And I replaced a laptop in a program at work that was stolen on my watch. I’ll be trying to keep the spending down in June because my big vacation is in July and I’ll definitely be spending some money there.

Made my first attempt at some curtains for my bedroom. I’d call them a failure because they really don’t fit the window and they don’t look like what I was trying to make. However, this was my first real project with my new (to me) sewing machine. And it worked really well for me. So I’m happy about that. I also have a better idea of how to make them, so I’ll try again with a different material.

For the first time ever, I’ve planted a garden in my backyard. I should say I dug up some sod in my backyard and Ted planted a garden. But I built the box for the raised bed. And I built the chicken wire fence around it. So it was a team effort. Hopefully, I’ll get some tomatoes and peppers later this year.