I thought that I would take today and try to finish the curtains that I’m making for my bedroom doors. My mom gave me a new iron, which works fantastically well. I also got an ironing board, which also makes ironing so much easier. So I was making great progress with ironing and sewing the side seams. Then, I ran out of thread on my bobbin. No problem, I thought. I learned how to thread the bobbin a while back and even made a youtube video of it. So I thread the bobbin and get back to work. But I don’t get back to work. For reasons I cannot determine, the machine is not moving the material forward. If I press the reverse button, it goes back with no problem. But it won’t go forward. So I screw around with it for a while. What did I do? No idea, but the material starts to move forward slowly. (Reverse goes backwards much quicker than the material is going forward.) So I try again, but things still aren’t right, as the thread is bunching on the bottom. I remember the rule that thread problems on the top of the seam are usually due to the bobbin and problems on the bottom are usually due to the needle. So I rethread the needle and it’s just not working correctly. By and large, I have a decent amount of patience, but this drained ALL of it. I can guarantee by neighbors heard the slew of obscenties I spewed. I then decided to buy a new sewing machine and started researching them online. This gave me some time for my blood pressure to drop and to calm down.

I hate it when my tools don’t work properly. The bad thing about this sewing machine is that it was given to me and I have no manuals. But the good thing about this sewing machine is that it was given to me, so I paid nothing for it. I had thought when I spent all that time making the movie about how to thread it and practicing using it, that I had the operation down. However, now it seems like that isn’t the case. I’ve also googled all about this model and can’t really find any information on it. So I’m very much leaning toward getting a new one that I can learn how to use properly and get repaired if needed. But since I don’t really have the money right now, I’ll probably struggle along with this one for now.