My brother gave me a cable for his Wurlitzer keyboard that was broken.

broken cable

I was pretty sure that all I needed to do was to cut off the bad end and then cut an old power cord for a computer and attach the good end. I was very careful to use a razor blade to cut the outer covering on the cable and not cut anything beneath it.

cut out case

Here’s the part of the new cord with the wires inside.

new cord

Here is the new cord with the wires inside.

bad cord

Before I cut any wires, I checked which pins went where on each plug and came up with this chart for how to connect the wires.

Old cable New cable
White Blue
Black Brown
Green Yellow/Green & Bare

Then I (poorly) soldered the wires together and checked continuity and it looked good. I’m sure that I’ll get better at doing this the more I do it. I wrapped everything in electrical tape and returned the wire to my brother. He said it worked fine. Yay!

repaired cord