I’ve decided that 2021 is the year I’m going to try to get organized. I’m getting pretty good about doing lots of projects around the house, but I spend too much time looking for things. And even the stuff that I know where it is, is basically just in a big pile of boxes. So my “system” works for me, but if anyone else uses or moves anything, I get frustrated by not being able to find things. If I could make it more obvious where things should go, I think it would work better for everyone. So 2020 is the “Year of Organization”. How exactly this will work remains to be seen. But even if I just gather like things together, I’ll be making progress. Hopefully this will also clean off some of the horizontal surfaces in my house so I’ll have more workspace.

My daily resolution is to take a walk every day. I’ve been doing that for a little while now, but I want to keep it up. Ideally, I’ll do this first thing when I get up. But if something comes up and I can’t go until after work, that’s ok too. I’m going to print out a calendar and put a big smiley face on the days I do it. I like having a daily tracker on a calendar.

By and large, that’s it. I’ve made resolutions in previous years about eating better and doing other things. And I’ve done them long enough that I can hopefully keep them going. I guess for things to learn, my goal this year is to make a printed circuit board that does something and actually make it and use it. I have some ideas for what to build and I’ll start on them soon. What I learn and write about that, will be done in my paper journals. If I do get something finished, I’ll maybe post a picture of it here with a little description or a movie I’ve recorded of me working on it.

But now, it’s time to get to work on some of the things I want to do.