For practice and to get better, I made another voltage controlled oscillator. This time, I also ordered a custom front panel that I designed. The front panel ended up costing me around $55, so it’s by far the most expensive part of this project. It’s also something that I doubt I do again, but it was way fun to figure out how to do it.

Looking at the final product, I still see a ton of flaws. But overall I’m pleased with it. After assembling everything I did test it again, just to make sure I didn’t break anything. I still get sound out of it. I don’t have a second module to use for control voltage, so I haven’t tested that. But I think it should work. Today I just put together a cable and I hope I did it the right way. My brother will have to test it when I give it to him.

wrong size hole

The first mistake I made was I missed one hole that needed to be drilled in the panel. My second mistake was drilling the hole too big. Stupidly, I drilled for the washer size and not the size I needed for the jack. Fortunately, a bigger washer from a potentiometer fixed that.

Here are some more pictures of the rest of the project.

build progress build progress build progress build progress

final assembly final assembly final assembly final assembly final assembly

And here’s a short movie showing how it all sounds.