I was on vacation this week. So I had some time to do anything I wanted. For a while now, I’ve wanted to try to create a simple game. I’ve also wanted to learn how to use DragonRuby, which I purchased last year. Then, I found these videos. The guy made a basic tetris clone in a couple of hours. I figured I’d give it a try and see what I could do. Needless to say, it took me a bit over two hours…more like five or six over a couple of days. But I eventually got the game to run. My game has more bugs than the game in the tutorial. Mainly because I didn’t exactly know what I was doing and because I was trying to copy the code from the video, which was hard to read. I tried downloading his final code to compare it to mine, but I couldn’t find it. If I wanted to spend more time to figure out my mistake, I probably could. But the main thing I wanted to learn was how to go about making a game and how to use the DragonRuby workflow. Even with my buggy final game, I definitely learned more about those two things. So I feel like this was time that was well spent.

The great thing about DragonRuby is that it packages your program to run on a bunch of different operating systems. So I could copy the linux file to a linux computer and it worked. Then I copied it to a windows computer and it worked. They even make a version that can run in html. So here’s my game:

Mary’s Tetris Clone with Lots O’ Bugs