We’ve been using the planer quite a bit. The one we have has a powerful motor to eject the chips. They’d go everywhere if you didn’t put something on the output port. We had a very long hose that we ran outside the back door to at least blow the chips outside. But they all usually just stayed right by the door, so we’d still have to go outside and sweep them up. I wanted something to collect the chips better and I found this site. Unfortunately, the cyclone separator that I bought was a little different than the one in the post. But I managed to make it work by simply screwing it to a piece of plywood that I had around. Then I just used tie downs to attach it to a garbage can. The tie downs are easy to take off, so it should be easy to change the bag when it gets full.

Here’s what my final collector looks like. And my final project for 2022.

dust collector dust collector