2023 has begun. I just finished a nine-mile bike ride because it’s only 40 degrees out and it seemed like a good way to start the year. Plus, I always want to bike more. That’s a given resolution. I also just put a hold down on a novel at the library because I want to read more books this year. If I could do one novel per month, I’d be happy. On a recommendation from my friend Shadla, I’m starting the year with Miss Benson’s Beetle. I can say that I have no idea what this is about, except that it’s a work of fiction. Hopefully, it’ll be good.

As for new resolutions, I’m not really coming up with anything that I haven’t tried to improve in the past. I still want to get more exercise, eat better, lose weight, make more things, learn electronics, grow more plants, etc. I guess one new thing that I’ve been doing, a bit more lately, is reaching out to people and getting together. I have a tendency to live inside my head, which is fine with me. But I think it’s better for me (mentally, physically, emotionally) to actually get together with people to see how they’re doing. So I am making a point to get in touch and see if people want to get together for coffee or just to chat. Ideally, I want to keep things simple. No one needs to clean their house for me or prepare any elaborate meals. It’s just a simple get together. And since there does seem to be a lot of people who are lonely, it’s probably good for everyone.

I think that my resolutions this year are more definite projects that I want to get done. It’s time for me to start working on the house again. The big project is going to be rebuilding my back stairs. And I could make some basic stairs out of wood, what I really want to do is design some nice ones out of metal. So, I also need to practice welding so that I can build my fancy stairs. And to see if me building metal stairs is just way out of my abilities, I thought I should first do a smaller project. I’m going to try to build a small desk out of metal. If I can’t make a simple desk, then there’s no chance I’d be able to make stairs. And to break this down into even more concrete steps, in January, I want to buy the metal for the desk. The plan is to work on the desk, practice welding in the winter. Then, in spring when I can work outside I get started on footings for the stairs and making the stairs. Quite frankly, if I get those stairs built, I will consider 2023 to be a hugely successful year.

Here’s some other stuff that I’d like to do, but which is all secondary to the stairs. Get a quote to dig out the basement, put in overhead sewers and a new beam in the house. Replace my furnace with a heat pump. Start gutting my upstairs so I can finish it. Depending on how the back stairs turn out, start work on the front stairs. Figure out what I want to do with the back porch. I could come up with more stuff, but since I’m fairly certain that none of this will happen, I’ll stop here.

Here’s to a wonderful 2023!