I’m interested in a bunch of different things and this site is just a place for me to collect information on projects I’ve done. Any directions on how to do anything are not written for other people to follow along, but for me to remember how I did certain things. I’m not trying to make a community or anything here, not that I’m against that. I just don’t want to deal with comments, likes or whatever else is the rage in social media these days. The site is mainly for me and perhaps some other people I know. My email address is posted, but I can’t imagine why anyone would want to contact me.

Oh, and why coldandheartless? When I was in grad school, I tried to teach myself to play the piano. After finally learning one somewhat difficult (to me) song, I came home to play it for my mother, who has played the piano for years. Upon finishing my song, when I was quite proud of myself for making no mistakes, I asked my mom what she thought. Her answer, “That was the most cold and heartless thing I’ve ever heard.” Every time I remember this, I start laughing at myself. It is one of my all-time favorite memories. My mom is awesome. I asked her for her opinion and she gave it to me.

Lastly, if anyone cares, this site is plain html created with jekyll.