July 2016
Trip to Vancouver & Seattle for John's Wedding

October 2015
Open House Chicago

August 2015
Window Glazing

July 2015
Trip to Toronto

May 2015
Vacation to New York City

December 2014
Building a Handpress to Make Xmas Gifts

October 2014
Glassblowing Class
Trip to Indianapolis and Dayton with Mom

September 2014
Starved Rock Hike for Annie's birthday

I had originally put house pictures on the blog, so I could write some text with them. But then I found that I wanted to have them all in one place. So I created the pages below.

All house pictures from 2014.
All house (mainly kitchen) pictures from 2013.
All house pictures from 2012.
All house pictures from 2011.
All house pictures from 2010.
2009 was a lot of saving money.
2008 was mainly wrapping up the bathroom and enjoying being able to take a shower at home.
All house pictures from 2007.
All house pictures from 2006.
All house pictures from 2005.

May 2014
Bike the Drive
Five Boro Bike Tour

April 2014
Washington DC for Cherry Blossoms and OpenStreetMap Conference
Vacation in Cape Cod and Boston

March 2014
Drywalling Party

February 2014
Quebec and Montreal with Mom and Julie

August 2013
Pittsburgh Trip for Steel City Ruby Conf
Movie walking along Andy Warhol Bridge covered in crochet - Takes a while to download/view
Michigan Family Trip for Mom's 75th Birthday

May 2013
Bike the Drive
New York Trip for the Five Boro Bike Ride

October 2012
Glacial Park Hike

August 2012
Toronto Trip to See White Sox Play Blue Jays

August 2011
European Trip Day 1 Flying to Paris and picking up Julie
European Trip Day 2 Heading to Normandy, our château and Mont Saint Michel
European Trip Day 3 Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery
European Trip Day 4 Driving back to Versailles and Paris and going up the Eiffel Tower
European Trip Day 5 Walking around Paris
European Trip Day 6 How to get into an apartment in Paris
European Trip Day 7 Tower of London
European Trip Day 8 Buckingham Palace
European Trip Day 9 Siteseeing in London
European Trip Day 10 Bletchley Park
European Trip Day 11 Walking around London
European Trip Day 12 Last day in London

July 2011
Dearborn (Detroit) Maker Faire with Jack
May 2011
Bike the Drive - It was very foggy, which was awesome.

April 2011
Day 10 Complete
Days 8 - 9 Complete
Day 7 Complete
Day 6 Complete
Day 5 Complete
Day 4 Complete

March 2011
Day 3 Complete
Day 2 Complete
Day 1 Complete
Day Before Work Begins

August 2010
Replacing the LCD Screen on My MacBook Pro

June 2010
This is what happens when Aunt Mary babysits.

Thornton Quarry Tour
Some movies I took on the tour. (Smallest ones are first, biggest are last) Some were taken on the bus, so they're very bouncy.
Short movie from bus
Walking around big machinery
Movie from bus
Long movie from bus

May 2010
Bike the Drive

February 2010
My New Stairs
Almost Ready for New Stairs
January 2010
Getting Ready for New Front Stairs

August 2009
Jack's Trip to Washington DC

June 2009
Emily's Trip to the Wisconsin Dells

March 2009
Sock Monkey Festival in Rockford

November 2008
Julie's 30th Birthday Party

June 2008
Vacation in New Brunswick
Visiting the University of Maine at Orono
May 2008
Bike the Drive
Jack's First Baseball Game
Mom's Birthday in Saugatuck
February 2008
Jack without his front teeth!
January 2008
Emily's (9) and Abby's (3) photos taken while the rest of us tried to play cards.
June 2007
Bloomington Trip with Jack and Em--until my camera battery died.
May 2007
Bike the Drive
January 2007
Emily's Cooking Class (Xmas gift from me)
November 2006
October 2006
Dedication of Chicago's Vodak-East Side Library -- Named after my grandfather

August 2006
Biking the Creever Trail in Virginia with Julie
New York City Trip to See the U.S. Open
Second Annual No Wuss Picnic

July 2006
Mom's Trip to Alaska
Emily's Trip to See Seussical, The Musical
June 2006
Trip to Springfield with Mom, Aunt Lu and Pat
May 2006
Bike the Drive Photos
Emily's First Communion

March 2006
Emily and Jack's Overnight Trip to Aunt Michelle's
Days 2 and 3 of Drywalling
The Drywalling Begins

February 2006
Bedroom Progress
Annie's Third Birthday
Abby's Second Birthday
January 2006
John and Kelsey's Ski Videos
December 2005
November 2005
June 2005
Emily and Mary's Trip to Washington D.C.
April 2005
Sam's Arrival

February 2005
Annie's 2nd Birthday Party--I'm really late in putting these up, so I haven't put any captions on them because she'd probably be 3 by the time I finished.

December 2004
Christmas Eve and Christmas
Various Photos from December
November 2004
Babysitting Annie and Thanksgiving
October 2004
Apple Picking and Kelsey Soccer Game
Mary's Trip to Italy and The Netherlands

September 2004
Jack and Aunt Mary's Bloomington Trip
Labor Day at Grandma's House
Mark, Mary, Kelsey and Jack at the Fire Game
Much Progress at Paul's House

July 2004
Kelsey, Julie, Mary, Amy trip to Europe

February 2004
The Arrival of Abby

January 2004
Andrea's Finally Here!

December 2003
Holiday Gatherings and the latest picture of Annie

November 2003
Thanksgiving Weekend
October 2003
Halloween Parade in Dyer

September 2003
Big Wheel Race and New Pictures of Andrea

July 2003
Updated Picture of Andrea

June 2003
June 2003 Dyer Fireworks

2003 Bike The Drive

May 2003
Kelsey Music Program and Emily Pre-K Graduation

April 2003
Jack's 3rd Birthday
Updated picture of Andrea

February 2003
Here is a picture of the baby Nancy is adopting
Here are pictures from the family trip to Lake Geneva

September 2002
Jack and a snail
Emily and a snail
Kelsey and Shadow
Another shot of Kelsey and Shadow

Lois, Nancy, Julie and John in France

April 2002-Jack's Second Birthday

March 2002

A nice picture of Emily at the Daddy-Daughter Dance on February 9, 2002.
Some pictures from a soccer game on September 8, 2001.
Here are pictures of the kids from July 2001.
July 2000 pictures
Take Two
Take Three
Take Four
That's It!
Do you like carrots, Emily?
Have a Carrot, Aunt Julie
It's Super Kelsey!
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do ...
Tell Me If My Legs Are Straight
Wait, I Can Do Better
Ok, I Did It!

Click here to see the webpage from when Jack was born.
Here are pictures from Kelsey's communion
Here are pictures from Jack's first birthday party.
Here is Jack getting his first haircut.
Emily's 3rd Birthday--Party on March 25, 2001 (Actual Birthdate is March 28)
That cake looks pretty tasty
Yes! It is good!
Opening presents
More presents
Still more presents
And yet more presents
Good gracious even more presents
Guess what? More presents
Check out my new pants
Now I can get away by myself
I have great form!
Uncle Paul: Here's how you vandalize buildings
This will look beautiful
Kelsey: I can get you from here!
Emily: You can't tell I stuck my finger in it
Now we can eat it
Uncle John was there
Sorry Em, no trampoline

Labor Day 2000 at Chestnut Mountain
Emily: Look at my beautiful flower!
Emily: Let's go swimming, Uncle John
Watch Out Tiger!
LPGA Here We Come!
It's Cool Dad!
I must investigate this wonderful substance!
Jack: World, this is my Uncle John! <--- This is the picture that John is telling everyone about
Failed test of diaper as substitute for sled
Hey, I found some more bugs!
Kelsey and Emily Breaking Hotel Rules
A Spirited Game of Volleyball
Since you can't race down, I'll see you at the bottom and I'll get there first.

Here are two more movies, these actually do have pictures and sound, but your ability to see them will depend on your computer. Good Luck!
Emily Swimming
Kelsey and John Swimming

Nancy's camera also has the ability to take movies. Here is one such movie. However, it is so dark that you really can't see anything, but you can hear Emily singing quite clearly. If your web browser is set up properly, the Real Audio player or Windows Media Player should come up to play the movie. If not, too bad.
Emily's Rendition of "Oops, I Did It Again"